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Do I stick things out with my husband?

Okay everyone I would very much appreciate some input from you all please so I’m still very new to being married.
That being said my marriage is already in a huge crisis! What would you do if your husband or wife accused you of being unfaithful, threatens divorce, and you were actually able to prove your innocence, and you try to fix it, but your spouse still doubts you, is feeling conflicted and leaves you on a thread, won’t communicate with you and makes you feel like you’re more of an awkward roommate than their spouse for days then out of nowhere wants to cuddle and starts to be affectionate would you stick it out and try to fix your marriage, or would you leave? I want to try but I’m concerned that he’ll do this again, this has really messed with my emotions and I’ve started counseling from this

1 Answers

Katherine-P_ Answered:

I think marriage is a pure relationship and needs time to get even more better with time. Leaving is not the solution, you need to make things better together. If he isn't trying, you need to make him understand anyhow, afterall he is your soulmate. Its not that I am forcing you to stay with him, but I don't want you to take any decision that you regret in future. Spend quality time with your husband, plan surprises for him, do things that makes him feel happy and hope for the best results. Maybe he stops doubting you...

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