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Marrying a Buddhist... need advice!

I’m tired with living by myself.
This is true.
Yeah, call me desperate but I have developed a strong need to have a wife soon.
Should I go and propose to my current girlfriend? I met Kim on AFA’s website.
I can still remember meeting the beautiful ladies of Shenzhen, China.
I read their profiles, scan through their photos, then I decided to date Kim.
She is dazzling.
Meeting her in person is one of the most exciting moments of my life.
She is not just pretty in the pictures but also stunning in personal.
Before I end my visit in China, I we dated frequently and asked her to be my girlfriend.
She said “yes” of course! Our communication never stop.
I talk to her every single day.
My feelings for her bloomed.
I know I need her to be my partner in life.
But what bothers me is her religion.
I am a Catholic and she’s a Buddhist.
Do you think it’s fine to marry a Buddhist woman? I mean, for me it’s not a big deal but what about for her parents and relatives? Guys, I need your insights regarding this.
I want to marry her, just her.
Is religion really an obstacle to getting married?

1 Answers

BrokentAgain Answered:

Being a practicing spiritualist with my main focusing being in Eastern Philosophies primarily Buddism but being raised in a Catholic home and making it all the way t "True Catholic" (Confirmation) status I will tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT that your spiritual differences would be more of a concern for her than you (in general, with regards to not knowing how liberal Catholic your family is). Buddhism is actually considered a belief or philosophy rather than a religion (religion being defined as a particular belief and faith that is believed by all its members). Buddhism believes in freedom of religion and recognizes that all religions share the same aim of working for the well-being of mankind. The Buddha encouraged his students to learn the teachings of other religions and take from them what they say to be true and incorporate into what will be their own belief system. Buddha said "Doubt everything, find your own light" So basically as far as religious beliefs go, you will be welcomed into their lives based in the person you are and your actions not on what religion you define yourself as. good luck and congratulations.... -Namaste

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