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Am I overreacting and insecure or was he wrong?

My husband and I went on a vacation with some friends recently.
We were celebrating his birthday and one of his friends asked if it’s be ok for them to attend a “show”.
I looked at the reviews myself and said I was ok with it.
The show was very professional but did simulate some lap dances and the dancers did strip down to a g-string.
I have always trusted my husband and also knew this was just for fun and actually a good show.
After the show we all met up and laughed about it, but he seemed a bit different towards me than he had the rest of the weekend.
That night I saw about a dozen pictures of the “show” and a couple that I felt were disrespectful and embarrassing to me as his wife (one of him making a kissing face toward a poster of the dancers and one close up of a dancers crotch with VERY tight bottoms if you know what I mean).
He explained that one of his friends asked him to take the pictures for him and the close up must have been when the dancer walked in front of the camera while he was taking a picture because he wasn’t looking at her crotch.
My husband said he was going to send the pictures to his single friends and that it was funny and completely normal.
I felt it was inappropriate, disrespectful, and embarrassing - especially with them being sent to friends.
Am I overreacting and insecure or was he wrong to do this?

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