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Am I wrong to have a hobby?

I am new at this so please excuse my poor writing.
 So my wife and I have been maried for 10 years and have two beautiful children both of who were (and one still is) bad sleepers.
  Honestly my wife coddles him and is not tough enough to foce him to go to bed alone or teach him not to get up through the night.
 Some of that is my fault as I am a heavy sleeper and she is a light sleeper and I never really put him to bed as an infant since "i never did it right.
"    Anyway, I have always beena  big fan of watching and participating in sports and recently I took up a new sport that takes two hours one night a week for 5 months (in the winter).
  I have another summer hobby as well and also enjoy a wide variety and other activities, none that interfear in our marriage or time with kids at all besides the one that is two hours once a week.
 My wife resents me (she tells me almost daily) about how she has not had any sleep and about she never get to go do anything (despite me encouraging her to find a hobby, join my hobby, or go out with friends).
  She resents me because I take 2 hours out of the week to do somethign i enjoy.
 Am I wrong to do that?  

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Well, you having a hobby is not a bad thing. However, you not sharing the responsibility of putting the children to sleep, or waking up at night to heed to your child is something that can make her feel bad. That is natural. Apart from pursuing your hobby if you can take out time for her and do something nice for her, to make up for not sharing responsibilities equally would be great.

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