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Newlywed ready for divorce?

I'm a newbie here and I am in dire need of marriage advice.
My husband and I have been married less than 6 months, and I, unfortunately, do not feel that it will last much longer.
We are on different pages, we do not get along often, and we both have emotional issues.
My emotions get stirred up when I feel jealous.
I recently found his Twitter account requesting ladies to private message him.
When I confronted him about this, he said that there is nothing wrong with talking to girls who do not love nearby, and that I was overreacting.
He is a married man! He's in his 30's and should have shaken all of these immature tactics off before proposing to me.
I feel that he is sabotaging our marriage and I am not happy.
My appetite increased heavily and I have gained 20 lb since our wedding.
I feel lonely and hurt; damaged.
How could he think that talking to girls is ok to do when he is married.
He acts quite infantile and effeminate.
It's difficult to have a conversation with someone so sensitive, it's almost as if he's surrounded by egg shells that are covered in glass.
I wish I realized how much he had changed before we got married, but we did not love together and I now see the real him.
He lived with his mother prior to us getting married, which I feel is the reason that he talks to me the way his mother talks to his father.
It's hurtful and disrespectful.
(his parents are playful and cute, but when he talks down to me it hurts and is real) Is divorce the only answer? I cannot talk to my family or friends about our issues because I don't want anyone to dislike him.
Please help this hopeful newlywed!

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

You gaining a considerable amount of weight post marriage and him seeking out to talk to other girls is definitely a red signal. You clearly have communication issues and latent problems.Talk to him, calmly, ask him what makes him seek out new girls and what is lacking in the relationship. Also, let him know what all problems you are going through because of him. If you cannot solve your issues between the 2 of you, then seek a couples counselor. I am sure there's a way out. Given the fact that you are newlywed couple, I am sure passion and romance has run out just yet.

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