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Asked by Last Updated:

Hi, I got engaged to a boy who still talks to his girlfriend

I want to know what should I do that his gf stops speaking to him

2 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

You have to sit him down and tell him that him talking to his ex is deal breaker. Having a girlfriend after getting engaged to someone is not acceptable for sure.

Katherine-P_ Answered:

I know that is hurting. Before stopping that girl you need to discuss it with your partner that why is he still talking to her. Ask him clearly what does he wants. Tell him that you don't like the that he still speaks to her girlfriend. Maybe he understands that you love him and see a future with him. Try nt to be aggressive and resolve everything in a decent manner.


Replied on Jan 31, 2018

hey thanks for the response.
He said that he still loves her and he married me under parents pressure.
I dont know what I can do about this entire situation.
I dont understand why that girl still speaks to my husband.
Doesn't the female understand that she might be impacting the life of the entire family.
She has made a joke of myself.

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