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How do I get my sex drive back?

My sex life used to be amazing.
I had a super high sex drive, orgasm was so easy, and I'd orgasm several times during sex.
This was just a few years ago and now it's seemed to disappear.
I don't have as high of a sex drive, orgasm isn't as easy, I'm lucky if I orgasm once during sex.
I miss being aroused all the time and sex being so great.
I've started taking supplements that are sex to help with sex drive and libido but haven't noticed a difference.
Please help.
I want my amazing sex life back.
It has nothing to do with my husband or our marriage.
Our marriage is great, we're still completely attracted to each other.
I just look at him and get turned on.
So it has nothing to do with getting comfortable or bored or anything like that.

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