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Why is my partner so uninterested in sex

I've been in a serious relationship for 3 years now and living together for a year and a half.
We recently had a gorgeous baby boy which is 2 months old now.
Our sex life is non existent.
When we started dating, it took him a year before he touched me, and that's only because I addressed the issue.
It was the first time in my life I've ever had to do that and I would never under no circumstance have put myself in that predicament.
I was about to walk away from the relationship, however, I had fallen in love with him and I knew he loved me too so after extensive deliberation, I decided it was worth the effort and embarrassment to talk to him and try to figure out why and how to fix this.
And we did for about 6 months, we were intimate (Not as often as I would have liked but I was happy) then I moved in with him and thought things would definitely spice up but no.
We were having sex about once every 2 weeks, sometimes 3 or 4.
I sat down and talked to him and tried to make him understand that I was depressed and frustrated and mentally exhausted trying to figure out why he was so distant (sexually).
I tried so hard to get his attention, I'd sleep practically nude and we'd sleep in the spooning position and I made it pretty damn obvious what I wanted and nothing.
So after that conversation I had with him he turned it up a notch but then slowly drifted away again.
Then I found out I was pregnant and we were ecstatic.
we both wanted to have a baby so we weren't surprised at all.
So here I was pregnant and dealing with raging hormones and an overactive sex drive but no sex.
Throughout my 41 weeks of pregnancy, we were intimate twice, which now makes it 11 months that we've had intercourse on 2 occasions.
I know he loves me more than anything as do I, he treats me like a queen.
He's very affectionate with me and detail oriented.
He's always surprising me with roses or candy, and tells me how much he loves me every day.
He has no problem as far as stamina and performance.
And I know for a fact he's 100% faithful.
I'm 37 years old and he's 40,he's very physically fit and in perfect health.
I'm not bad looking either and consider myself attractive.
So my question is why? What can be the reason for his lack of interest in sex? What can I do? I love him with all my heart, but I can't live my life without sex.
I'm too young and it kills me to think about having to end it if I have to.

1 Answers

Sex, sex is something that every Married or co-habitating Partners would not allow themselves to miss. In one of those occasions you had the courage to ask him what is making him not to have interest in having sex with you, did you tried to find out how his job is affecting him emotionally which has become a serious challenge in your relationship with him? He may be facing some pressure due to his job but would not want to bother you with it. Research has that men that faces pressure in their offices most times find it difficult to have intimacy with their wife.

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