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Is it hopeless

He is addicted to sex with me.
Has sex with me 2 times a day everyday.
Even if I just lay there.
He refuses to see that he has a problem.
I feel like a piece of meat.
And I don't even want him to touch me anymore.
When we do have sex I am fantasizing about what I want done to me or another man.
I can't go on like this.
My heart desires so much more.
This is hopeless.

2 Answers

Jamie76 Answered:

Sex is for both of you. Your current path looks very grim. Have a frank discussion with him about what you want and need. See a counselor if you can't work it out. You just laying there is not how this works.

Ted1234 Answered:

You partner is indeed addicted to sex. You have to convince him to see a sex counselor. You can't just lay there and let him carry on with his addiction, this is extremely unhealthy. Over time, it exercise can have a negative effect on you also, mentally and physically. Take a strict stand on this.

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