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Should I put my sister in her place?

My husband thinks my sister is extremely rude, belittling, and negative.
She is, but that’s just the way she’s been her whole life.
It’s gotten to the point where she’s begun to attack my marriage and play off the fact that my husband and I got in a fight the other day to make herself feel like she has a better marriage than I do and wants me to know that.
Weird mind insecurity stuff.
I was complaining to my husband about her last night and he told me I had to tell her how I felt if I truly loved her and him, or else she would not be welcome in our home.
 life that I’ve just accepted, but at the same time I’m afraid 

1 Answers

Katherine-P_ Answered:

I think you need to talk to your husband and sister individually and clarify all the doubts. Tell your husband about your sister that it is her true nature. She has been the same her whole life. At the same time, tell your sister frankly about what is going on in your life due to her and not to compare each other's life. Every couple has a different story, challenges in life which they have to take care according to the situations. It doesn't mean, you will start comparing your life with others. Although if you and your husband have a good understanding, you need to fix this instead of fighting. Do not allow any third person to interfere in your personal lives whether it is your family or friends.

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