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Am I a victim of emotional abuse or am I just sensitive?

I've been married for 6 years.
I have two boys 24 and 20.
My husband has a son 10.
I'm 43 and he's 40.
I go through weekly negativity and it's wearing on me.
We have been through many many hard times, but to make a ling story short, my husband says extremely cruel things to me, calls me names, tell me to shut up, says we are a fake family, and many other hurtful things.
Then the day acts like he's done nothing wrong, says he was just joking, apologizes, and says he won5 do it again.
But then does it again when I disagree or argue with him.
I am very confident or was.
I have a great job, active in my gym, very well rounded.
I consider myself old fashioned in many ways with the way I feel men should treat ladies.
Is this considered abuse or am I just sensitive as my husband says.

1 Answers

CatLove Answered:

This goes past the point of emotional abuse and I’m sorry to say, but divorce may be the best option for everyone involved. I have never heard of anyone calling their family a “fake family”, even in abuse situations. He doesn’t respect you and he will keep disrespecting you until you do something. Suggest marriage counseling or you’re hitting the road. If he just makes more mockery of this statement, leave. An increasing amount of men think mental abuse is okay when it’s not. I hope things work out for you.

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