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We divorced. 1 month and 1/2 later we are working it out. Is it really none of my business what she did?

I'm hurt, we were married for 10 years.
I didn't want the divorce,now she wants to work it out.
I feel like she just walked out so she could explore.
I love her but I'm hurt, she says its none of my business what she did while we broke up but I feel like thats just not true.
I know shes been with 3 people in a month and a half.
I want to work through this but I feel so betrayed I'm not 100% innocent.
I fucked up with her a lot but I never quit.
I never walked out.
I'm lost

1 Answers

Katherine-P_ Answered:

I know it is very hard to accept the person again in your life who once betrayed. But, relationships can be imporved. If you think that she is guilt of whatever she has done to you and you really want to bring her back in your life, don't think much and accept her. But then make sure she doesn't hurts you again. Resolve things out, before you go again in that relationship which once broke your heart.

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