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I want my wife to stop smoking weed because I am not allowed to.

I'll keep it short, My wife recently started smoking weed again (hadn't  done it since high school).
Over the past few months she has become a daily recreational user.
My job does not allow me to partake in Marijuana use.
So, when she smokes she goes out with her friends or leaves the room or goes outside so it's not right in myface.
I feel left out, alone, and not considered by her smoking weed.
I would like to smoke with her, but I could only do that when I have enough time off work to pass a drug test (not often at all).
Am I wrong to ask her to stop smoking weed or to wait until we can do it together? It is really frustrating to me and often makes me feel down.
It means a lot to me.
What arw your thoughts?

2 Answers

Seb345 Answered:

You can try talking to her. I mean she's yuor wife she should understand that you are struglling with this ( I mean job is important as hell) so you should explain to her that you need space from that.

Ted1234 Answered:

Well, it's a difficult situation. It's not wrong on your part to ask your wife to get off marijuana. In fact, this is an opportunity for both you and her to reduce your drug intake, if not give it up completely. Tell her the benefits of smoking up less frequently. Occasional marijuana will have less adverse effects on your health.

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