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Infidelity with prostitutes

I married my first bf after dating for 5 yrs and have been married 6 yrs.
we have a 2 yr old kid.
1 mo ago I discovered he has been visiting escorts on TNAboard from april and has been with at least 6 of them.
I noticed him being distant for several mo and finally checked his cell one nite and thus discovered all the PMs he sent to those escorts.
It has been difficult to get a confession out of him but finally he admitted all.
His xcuse is having porn sddiction made him obsessed with sexual experiences with while women ( we are asian) , it helped him relieve his boredom of being with one woman and stress of daily life etc.
I am currently staying at my parents.
He is constantly saying he is sorry, he is not a bad person in general , it was a momentary slip and for the sake of our 11yrs of relationship and our kid I should give him a second chance, my parents are pressing the same stuff.
But I am stuck at the point why would someone do this to a person he claims to love, how could he do this after facing so many crises of life together.
Should I divorce him?

1 Answers

Emily Rodes Answered:

First, I am really sorry you are both going through a very difficult time right now. Before you think about divorce, can you trust him ever again? Is there something that he can do to rebuild trust with you? Think deeply over these two questions before you make a decision. Hope this helps.  

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