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Little to no affection or intimacy

Married for 18 years, the last 14 years have been basically sexless.
12 to 14 times a year.
My attempts to engage her have been shut down 100% of the time.
I think that rejection has conditioned me.
Im not attracted to my wife the way i used to be.
She is perfect in every other aspect of our marriage and family life.
I do love her, but i cannot stay with her.
Im conflicted.
75% of me is already gone, but 25% has me anchored.
I dont know what the right decision is

2 Answers

Jimgym Answered:

But what about my libido? My needs? Sex is free and takes little to no time. Even if its not intercourse.... some help would be appreciated. I miss the feeling of being wanted.

Chanelgirl Answered:

90% of marriages have very little intimacy after this many years . This is very normal and you should except this and nurture your marriage and do not break the bond.

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