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Should I leave or stay?

So my family has forced me to get married to a guy who they think is really nice, but I dont he just has money.
From what me and the people close to me they see that he only acts nice arounf them and behind closed doors only wants physical attention.
I am not happy in this marriage and my parents know that, but I dont want to divorce him because of the reason that my whole family will disown me for sometime.
I have people who will help me get by if i am on my own but I dont know what to do.
Do i stay in the marriage and satisfy my family or do I leave and start new with my own happiness.
By the way I have had a boyfriend for the past 4 years and he has been with me through all of this annd is also wlling to help me and also marry me but my parents dont like him, but he is such a sweet and caring guy who makes me so happy.
I need help.

2 Answers

Goldensmile Answered:

You only live once! You must go if (1) you feel you'd never be happy with this man, (2) you are prepared to lose your family and everything familiar to you, should that happen, and (3) you are in love with someone who makes you happy, and who you could see being with you in the future. Whilst your family is of concern, you are the priority. Look out for yourself, and put yourself first! Good luck!

Katherine-P_ Answered:

I suggest that you should stay. You know marriage is something that needs to be handled with care in the beginning especially when it is an arrange marriage. If everything goes well, life is fun! Maybe today you feel that your parents have taken a wrong decision, but, always remember, they are your well-wishers. I would say, you must give your marriage a second chance. In arrange marriages, people take time to open up. Try to know him better by spending some quality time with him. But before you do all this, you need to move ahead of your past relationships so that you can widen your thoughts. I am pretty sure that things will work out in a good way!!

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