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Is my wife honest per below?

I married a woman when we were both 32.
Before marriage, she told me she had never been with any other man.
After a few months of marriage, I found some romantic cards from her stuff and she said she will get rid of them.
Then I found an email in her inbox from a man like"Hi Stranger, Your past".
I cant recall email contents now.
I also saw a text (before marriage) from some guy saying "I can't forget your lips".
I kind of compromised on/ignored some stuff as it was my 2nd marriage and I did tell her about my 1st marriage before this marriage.
But I did hide my 1st marriage from her for a few months of first meeting this woman.
A few days ago,I found some greeting cards in our home.
Assume Ash is my wife.
One card read exactly "Dear Ash, Ash I feel lucky to know you.
Thank you very much for your invaluable company as I find you very special and wish to have you around every day in my life.
Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to Ash".
Another card read "PS - Put flowers on your desk - they'll brighten up your last couple of days! (I know you are leaving me - Joke :)" When I asked my wife she went.
The 1st card was from my friend/brother and 2nd one from a stalker.
I said why would a bother want to have his sis around every day in his life and why did the stalker card not go in the bin the moment you saw it? Why it landed in your purse on that day and then home and then stayed there for 7 years? She clears her clutter after every few months.
1) Do you think if she is being honest & truthful with me or not?   2) And do you think she had been with men before me?

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

hi Only time and heartfelt conversations with your wife can give you an idea if she is honest with you or not. You must make her understand the importance of clear communication with each other. Also, it should not matter to you if she has been with other men before you. What you need to make sure is that both of you find your happiness with each other. Past should not really matter. But if she is with other men now, it is a matter of concern and requires immediate action.

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