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Husband's best friend

Hello, I honestly do not know if I am being totally unreasonable or if the problem really exists,so please respond and tell me if what I think is just not normal.
So my husband has a friend,which was his best man and our child's godfather and therefore he considers him as a very close person.
My husband was raised in the mountains,therefore has very firm and masculine personality and his friend is just crazy about it and adores him for that.
I did not use to have any problems about their relationship,but on the new years when we all gathered in my sister-in-laws house and also other family members were there, husbands best friend came, everyone was quite drunk.
He likes to talk a lot and also felt like he was trying to show off in my husband's family,like was forcing it to become closer and important,my husband also was very attentive.
to him,calming him down,offering food,swearing his life and so on.
I partially think I'm going crazy, and husband also thinks so demanding that if I have problem with his best friend and not let him see him,than I can not see.
my friends and he doesn't even want to hear a word about them.
I just felt very uncomfortable that night and don't understand.
what is the reason for him to show off like that, like he was trying to convince everyone how big part he has in.
my husband's life.
I just do not want me not liking him that much be reason for disaggriement and bigger problems.
Am I being childish and just thinking like this out of jealousy or is he really being gay,because deep down that's what I think.

2 Answers

Happyjen Answered:

Don't accuse him of anything, like Ted said, just watch and listen. Maybe snoop a little to see if you find anything suspicious but do not accuse cause he will clam up and deny everything. I don't think you're crazy ... there is always the possability that they are interested in each other and have never done anytihng about it or perhaps they have.

Ted1234 Answered:

Give it time to know what is actually happening. You should not jump to any conclusions right away. If you find anything suspicious, then [perhaps talk to your husband and try to reach a logical conclusion.

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