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Overcoming Insecurity

So my husband is a Scorpio and I am a believer of astrology and according to that, his main trait is insecurity but I'm having a hard time helping him overcome this.
I have never given him any reason to doubt me or not trust me but he constantly is asking me if I really love him and questions me when I'm on the phone a lot and even goes through everything on my phone.
Many people say to leave but he is my soul mate and I want to help him.
Does anybody have any advice on how I can support my husband?

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

HI I am sure that you were aware of his sun sign and the related traits when you got married. There must have been a good enough reason and a great amount of hope that the relationship would be lovely and long-lasting. You must get strength from that hope to sail through. But to resolve the problem, you can only talk to him and make him understand your love for him. Instill confidence in him to trust you more.

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