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She's hurting my credit!

I didn’t realize when I got married that my wife’s credit score was so low.
I’ve worked hard all my life and have a pretty good credit rating.
She’s got some student loans she’s paying off and a few high balances on some credit cards.
She works hard and has always worked hard.
She put herself through school with 2 kids.
My credit score is almost 100 pts higher than hers and she doesn’t understand why I we argue about her credit so much.
I’m trying to maintain my 780 but she’s not working hard enough to bring up her score.
What should I do?

3 Answers

Phillipst Answered:

I would love to be in the ‘800’ range. I’ve been working my butt of for the last few years repairing my credit. I can’t believe you are complaining about her having a 700. You sound childish. Maybe you got married for the wrong reasons. At least she has some credit and is working to repair it.

Dmade Answered:

Maybe it is me! If it’s hurting you so badly, then why didn’t you check it before you got married! If that is the only thing you worry about in your marriage, then you have a long way to go. Do you realize most people aren’t even in the 600 range and you’re complaining about a 700!

Barbrains Answered:

A person’s credit rating is everything in the world. When you start looking at buying a home, car, or any big purchase item a person’s credit score is like, life or death. If she is only 100pts under you, I am slightly confused with your concern over her credit score. I can understand if both of you are trying to buy a house, but if it’s just because she’s not where you are, then you sound pretty silly. I wouldn’t be complaining about my wife’s credit score.

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