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How do I move forward?

About 2 years ago, my SO turned off their phone for approximately two hours, finally got in contact with their parent who said they had arrived there around an hour and a half after their work shift had ended.
The parent told me my SO was asking to go to the hospital saying they hit their head.
My SO didn't return home until late that evening - approx 12 hours after the end of their work shift (most of the time, except for the initial 1/5 hours was spent in the care of their parent).
Upon arriving home, I asked my SO where they had gone to and what had happened.
I was initially told that my SO went with their friend (of the same sex and someone I knew of) to the lake near our home.
Because my SO was not giving consistent information and because I was concerned, I contacted the friend to ask what happened, how my SO got hurt, etc.
I was informed, by the friend, that they did not know as they were not with my SO After informing my SO of what their friend told me, the story changed to, "I was alone, I didn't want you to be scared that I went by myself, but I needed to clear my head".
We had recently been arguing, often, so to me this made some sense; not much, but some.
I accepted the answer and moved on.
About 3 weeks ago, during an argument, my SO let it slip that they were actually with a person of the opposite sex.
My SO insists that nothing sexual occurred and that this was just a friendly conversation (that lasted an hour to an hour and a half at a lake).
Wrapping up: My SO turned off their phone for approximately 2 hours, instead of coming home afterward went to their parent's house where they decided to go to the hospital and not return until late that evening, lied about who they were with, lied again about who they were with, and now that it's out that there was someone (who I don't know, never knew) of the opposite sex my SO states nothing happened and that it was just a long friendly conversation.
Any thoughts? Any advice? Honestly, what I'd love to hear is that I've lost my mind and I should just drop it as I still love my SO and desperately want to believe them.

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Hi Marriages are sacred. You must always ensure that you have a long and happy marriage. Many a time, there are some incidents that shake our faith in this institution but we must always understand that it is always easier to break any bond and very difficult to sustain it. In your case, pls talk to your partner about the conflicts and his relationships outside the marriage. This should be a clear and honest communication. Encourage him to open up to you and discuss his issues as well. Hopefully, this will help you to reach a healthy conclusion about your marriage.

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