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I’m scared to travel by air but I want to see my gf. Help!

My problem may seem comical to some but yes, I am absolutely terrified of heights.
I can’t step on a plane and I’m terrified to travel by air.
I have never tried going to another country but I’m seriously considering to face my fears for my Filipina girlfriend.
I met her through LoveMe which is an international dating site and since then, we’ve been together for more than a year now.
We’ve always talked about seeing each other in person but again, I honestly can’t stand heights.
I get nauseated just thinking about it.
She even offered to come visit me instead but she doesn’t have the resources to process the required documents for traveling abroad.
It would still take a long time to get everything for her to come visit me here in the United States but her birthday is fast approaching.
I’m planning to spend her special day with her in person and I want to get to know her family.
But first, I need to conquer this phobia of mine.
If you guys have some tips and ways on how I can travel by air despite my fears, then it would help me out a lot.
I really need help with this and I would literally do anything for my girlfriend.
Help me please!  

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

They say love helps you conquer all fears and phobias! Find strength from your love for your girlfriend to overcome the phobia of heights. Medically, however, you could consult an expert to help you better with this.

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