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My gf is thinking about moving here and I’m not ready. Help?

Through this international online dating site called LoveMe, I got into a relationship with this woman from the Philippines.
She’s been planning on immigrating to the United States and starting a new life.
We’ve been dating online for more than a year now and we’ve decided that it’s about time to see each other in personI made travel arrangements to the Philippines and sta.
yed at her hometown for about a week or so.
I had a such a good time with her that I decided to surprise her with an airplane ticket coming here for her to visit me.
She was thrilled and surprised that she will finally get to travel abroad and experience a new environment.
A couple of weeks passed by and while we would talk over video chat, she would bring up the topic of moving in together.
With her long-time plans of moving here, she’s more than ready to pack her things.
But with me on the other hand, I don’t think I’m ready to live together with her.
I do love her and see a future with her but I just want to make sure we’ll be secured financially and mentally.
This is going to be a huge step forward in our relationship and I want to consider all possible scenarios and what to expect.
When she arrives here, I don’t know how to tell her about how I feel about this.
I’m afraid to hurt her feelings because she seems so excited.
The last thing I want to do is get her hopes up just to disappoint her in the end.
Do you guys have any advice or suggestions for me? A slow and easy way for me to open this up to her.
Any would be great and I would gladly appreciate your help! Thank you in advance!

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