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Need help with travel plans to see my gf for the holidays

I came across this dating site called A Foreign Affair.
I’ve been single for more than 5 years and have really been off my game when it comes to dating.
Through the site, I’ve met this woman from the Philippines and we’ve been constantly communicating every single day for the past 6 months.
We’ve established a relationship and I can confidently say that we are in love.
Now, the holidays are fast approaching and I was thinking about surprising her with a visit.
I’d love to spend the festivities with her as our first physical date, which I think is perfect in my opinion.
I could book traveling arrangements right now and wrap my gifts but first I need to make sure if this decision is the right one.
Since I’m planning for it to be a surprise, there are sure to be multiple things to consider before deciding anything.
One that comes to mind is if she’ll have other plans that might interfere with my plans on visiting her.
And if the surprise does go well, should there be anything I need to think over like meeting her parents and relatives? Should I bring gifts for everyone or would it be inappropriate to do so? I’m no good at this and I just want my year to end with my beautiful lady by my side.
I’ve consulted with a few of my friends already and they all seem to think it’s a good idea but not one of them has tried going through a long distance relationship, much less than an online one.
I just need to make sure that all the possible factors are to be considered before anything or else I might not just screw up my relationship but the holidays, as well.
Any comments, suggestions, and tips will greatly be appreciated.
I just really want the holidays to be special!  

1 Answers

CindyBaker Answered:

Hi ! Congratulations on achieving the milestone of a happy togetherness for 6 months now.   Holidaying with your partner sounds like quite an action-packed plan :)   And here is a quick reckoning list that could help you plan ahead and have a great time together with your love interest. # As much as everyone loves surprises, it's best if you first sound the idea to her and confirm that it's not interfering with her other plans. This will also help her prepare for the vacation together in the best possible manner. # It will be good to chalk out a budget and to discuss with her whether you would both like to stay in boutique hotels for than fancy, lush experience or would keep it simple and go for hostels/guesthouses. # Travel light and invest in sturdy backpacks for both of you. Would serve as an excellent gift for her and will speak volumes about your thoughtfulness. # It will help if you both discuss and lock in some destinations, that offer the most things that are in line with your mutual interests. # As for gifts, it's appreciable that you think of getting one for each member, but too fast, too soon can be a bit overwhelming. Keep it simple and it would be best that you focus on first re-discovering and enjoying different facets of each other's personalities. As and when things progress, you can graduate to the next level when your partner would like to introduce you to her family and friends.   Good luck and have a great vacation together.

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