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My husband is in constant contact with a female former co-worker. What do I do to stop feeling jealous?

I was aware my husband was texting their co-worker while they were working together and thought nothing of it.
I questioned the constant contact (after reading an sms he sent saying he missed her) even though he has a new position with a different company, but he said she's friends with everyone and "there's nothing sexual plus she's a lesbian".
My husband is now using snapchat to contact her and I only found this out because he asked me to delete apps on his phone.
This morning there was an unread snapchat from her sent 12 pm last night saying she missed him and wanted him to come back.
I was upset and when he asked what was wrong I questioned if he was up late talking to his old co-worker, he said he was not and has had no contact with her.
I realise I am turning into a person I don't like but don't know how to stop or if my insecurities are warranted.

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

If that woman in your husband's life makes you uncomfortable, you have to let him know. Don't hesitate or feel apprehensive about this. You don't have to deal with this anxiousness and secret resentment. You are his wife and it's not too much to ask your husband to not have late night conversations with an ex-colleague.


Replied on Dec 22, 2017

Thank you ted1234.
I took your advice and told my husband how I feel.
He did tell me he loves me but has now cleared his browsing history and takes his phone with him everywhere he goes.
He just told me he would like to return to his old company and travel (8.
5 hours drive) between work and home on a fortnightly basis.
I am tired and told him to just pack his things and go, which he said he won't.
I am not sure what to do, leave or stick it out.
Any advice from anyone would be appreciated.

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