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Is taking 3 year old son out of daycare such an irresponsible thing to do?

Recently I made the decision to let my 3 yr old son stay home for the sake of saving money to go towards a down payment on a home.
My wife's response was very objective, and she usually always is when I make decisions for the family.
She brought up how I have spent $1000 on art painting, but is showing jealousy that it was from a female acquaintance from college.
She always claims that I wasted time talking to someone, and wasting time telling her to stop talking to a former acquaintance who liked her and disrespected and mocked our marriage both before and after it.
Then she claims that the reason I cannot afford daycare and am taking a drastic decision to keep him home to save money is because I helped a friend monetarily and just in general, who wad going through a severe bout of depression.
There was a loan taken out, and part of it went to him and part went to my design business, but 8900 of it went to payoff her car 2 years early.
The question is, is all of the warranted when all I am trying to do get us into an affordable and stable home (mortgage) before having to pay $20,000 a year in daycare (because we recently had an addition to the family), which is going to seriously delay that decision? Thank you.

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

I understand what you must be going through. Times are hard and you have to take some steps that might seem irresponsible. You need to do whatever gets you through. You shouldn't worry too much about what others think about your decision. Your wife is also right in saying all that you mentioned, but you just need to bear with her resentment. She will be ok when this phase is over.

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