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Will my fiance ever be the same?

My fiance's mother passed away yesterday from a heart attack, just 3 weeks before our wedding.
Such a huge sad loss for all of us.
My fiance's world has come crushing down, will he ever be the same??

2 Answers

Zaara1 Answered:

@BruceKent Thank you for your answer, you are spot on, i should focus more on providing support, I need to give him some time and his own space. I am just afraid that he falls into depression, i've witnessed a marriage fall apart because of something like this.

BruceKent Answered:

Hi, Losing someone you love is always hard to bear, I understand why you have asked this question. Your husband lost his mother, though he will recover from the initial shock it may be the case that you can observe a decisive change in him. After all, losing one's mother impacts oneself in countless ways, and people tend to change a bit too. In my advise you should not worry about much about your husband's behavioral changes instead focus on providing unconditional emotional support. I am sure he will be fine as time passes. Good Luck!

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