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Dealing with an emotionally stressed spouse

My wife has recently had to deal with a lot of issues in her life.
Her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, her dad has been in the ICU due to lymphoma/lukemia and has a short time to live, and she just started a new career teaching behavior disabled teenagers.
So she has been running very thin emotionally and psychologically.
Due to stress she can get very irriatated very quickly and will have angry outbursts toward me over seemingly unimportant reasons, such as dishes, garbage, ect.
Sometimes it will even be when I am helping her solve a problem, like fixing her computer, and I don't do it quick enough or to her liking.
I know its just a release of the built up stess from everything else going on in her life, but should i address the outbursts as they come or let them go and address them when she has less on her plate?

1 Answers

BruceKent Answered:

Hi, Firstly, I would like to appreciate your take on the matter you understand your wife in and out. You acknowledge the fact that she is going through an emotionally draining period and you decide to support her in the tough times, that's very gentlemanly of you. Secondly, the anger outbursts are a terrible thing to deal with, more so for the person who has them. It is hard for you, but it is even harder for your wife. Let it all pass until she recovers from her emotional state is not the solution, anger is never good for anyone. Anger consumes the person that has it, and it's like a parasite feeding on the host. You need to address the issue with intricate care and look for an opportunity to discuss all of this with your wife. Whenever you feel that it's the right time, start a conversation with her, be honest and polite, tell her it won't do any good to anyone. You have to make her realize that her problems are not her's alone, that they are mutual to both of them since you guys are married and have taken vows to share all your sorrows and joys. Give her the confidence that you guys will together overcome these moments extreme pain and sorrow, make her realize that she is not alone and that she can share everything with you and you will always be there to listen to her. Believe me, if this conversation goes the way it should. Then, it is all you guys need to go through the tough times together. I hope I was of any help. Good Luck!

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