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I need some advice.
My husband and I have been married for nearly 2 yrs.
It is our 2nd marriage.
We have both been divorced around 10 yrs before marrying.
We met online and I relocated to him due to my profession giving us the better opportunities for relocation.
We didn't meet for several before we decided to travel every other week seeing each other.
In all it was about 8 mos before we decided to move forward a plan relocation and marriage.
This allowed us to have plenty of conversation getting to know each other.
Now for the issue that I would like opinions and advice.
After we married, I noticed his female work friend would only comment on social media if it was him alone or with his child.
Even if he posted multiple media, she always ignored anything involving me in his life.
So earlier this year, I asked him if he had noticed and he hadn't and asked me to show him what I noticed.
Then he asked what I wanted him to do about it.
I asked him not to say anything as I wanted this to be our conversation.
I asked him to do what he would want me to do if tables were turned.
So he deleted her from his friends.
I was fine with it.
Until this weekend when we went to a party and she was there.
He had told one of their mutual friends about the situation.
So when she arrives, she leaned in for a hug and I followed through.
Then he asked me to get in a group pic he was taking with her and I nodded to him no.
Then the mutual friend jumped in my face screaming at me "you need to stop, just stop" (so close he spit on my face).
So I gave him a look like "what the hello and I walked away.
He followed me telling me why I need to let it go.
So my husband thinks I'm being stupid and i am not justified to question her actions.
He also believes none of this would have happened if it weren't for me questioning what she did.
I went to the party because they are his friends and to not cause any separation.
I never gave an ultimatum of any kind.
I didn't feel comfortable taking a pic.

1 Answers

BruceKent Answered:

In your case, I would suggest you clear it out with everyone involved. Clearing things out is always the best solution for problems that came up because of misunderstanding. So, you need to discuss the issue with your husband first, be honest and state all your concerns politely. Now, if your husband is okay with what has happened, the opinions of others should not matter anymore. Also, I think a woman's social media activity should not be disturbing your peace, just address the issue in detail, and I believe all will be fine. Good Luck!

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