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Reconciliation after Divorce

My husband and I have been divorced for two weeks.
We were married for 21 years, together for 27.
We were high school sweethearts and have two children.
He told me on April 1st that he didn't love me any more and wanted out.
He then moved out on Easter day.
He moved back home for a week in May but it didn't work out.
Two days after our divorce was final, he told our children that he had a serious girlfriend.
She was someone I had suspected he was with (if not emotionally).
He had been seen at dinner with her in July.
My kids were devasted because they had asked him not to start dating until after the divorce.
Later the same day, he tells them he is going to another state to meet her family and that he wants to bring her to his side of the family for Thanksgiving.
My kids have never met her and didn't like the idea.
He showed up at my house on Thanksiving with this woman and my girls refused to go.
He then tells me a few days later that he will be marrying her this month and that she's the love of his life.
My girls still don't know and haven't met her.
I still deeply love my husband and would love to still be married to him.
We've had sex twice in the last week since he's told me.
He seems conflicted, but still is assuring me he WILL marry her and wants another child.
Am I being stupid and he's using me for sex? 2.
Is there hope for us to recocile at this point? 

1 Answers

BruceKent Answered:

Hi, I would advise you think about your situation with a different frame of mind, consider your happiness and your children's future. You have been with the man long enough to know him well so if you think for your own happiness that the marriage should be given another chance, then go ahead, But if you believe otherwise, that saving the marriage would only invite chaos into your life then reconsider your options. It will be better to have a conversation with your husband, carefully approach the discussion and let him speak his mind, be honest and ask him to do the same. I guess an honest conversation will really help in clearing your thoughts. I hope you got the help you were looking for, Good Luck!

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