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Should we even try counseling or just divorce?

I️ have been with my husband since I️ was 18 years old.
I️ am now 30.
We have 2 kids together.
Over the past year our relationship has become almost unbearable.
We cannot even have a simple conversation without arguing.
I️ understand we both play parts in the issues with our marriage, but I️ honestly would be happy if he just acted like a husband.
He lost his job so he sits home all day, smokes weed, he does not help clean the house, he does not help with the kids and I️ am the sole provider.
I️ just discovered within the past few days that he has been talking to other females online and when I️ confronted him about it he was not sorry and blamed it on me.
I️ asked him if he wants to make this work and seek counseling.
He says yes, but he continues to treat me like I️ am dirt and not his wife.
Is our marriage of 12 years worth trying to save?

1 Answers

BruceKent Answered:

Hi, Everything that has given you memories to cherish is worth saving. You need to make your husband realize his mistakes, and I would advise indulging in a long, fulfilling conversation. Start the discussion with intricate care, try and get into his mind, make him speak what bothers him. On your part you need to be honest, just state your concerns and let him know that his behavior makes you insecure about your marriage. Dialogue is capable of solving all the problems of the world. So, it surely can solve yours, and the only condition is both the individuals involved should be willing to solve the problem. I hope your marriage gets back on track real soon, Good Luck!

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