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Should I divorce after a 15 years relation and two kids?

Hello For the past few years the relationship turned to a battle, I changed into a different person (education, self-development, work, social, etc) I worked so hard on all aspects of my life, and my wife stayed on the same level.
I encouraged her a lot until started to be pushy about her doing something rather than being neutral in the relation.
But she stayed neutral, no improvement on any level, so I had a relation (no judgement) and that made her crazy.
So she changed but to a furious, stubborn, rude,etc.
the lady even after years of this relation.
Until now it's unbearable and we're talking divorce.
Any advice?!

1 Answers

BruceKent Answered:

Hi Bitlost, I would advise for the sake of the kids that you give your marriage another chance. Separated parents usually tend to affect children negatively. You must first discuss the future of the kids with your wife, carefully analyze the situation and act accordingly. Your own lives should also be a topic of discussion, after all, if one is not happy with one's life he cannot keep anyone else happy. So, be patient and consider all possibilities, don't hurry into a divorce, take your time to decide. Patience has helped many a man to choose wisely, hope it helps you too. Good Luck!

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