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Asked by Last Updated:

How to make long distance relationships work?

Need some thoughts.

3 Answers

Graham Answered:

Long Distance Relationships are prone to tragedies/incidents. It requires a lot of effort on both ends to work things out. Things become bodily awkward if the couple could not meet on weekends even if you are in close contact with your partner over phone. Most of the people I know would rather live single than being in a long distance relationship but I think things can be worked out if the intentions are good. There are few suggestions on my side: Meet on weekends. Exchange gifts. Express yourself truly and openly. Share almost everything. Use Skype for video-chatting. Use Whatsapp or other messaging apps to remain connected all time.   PS: Again, it's your decision to be in a long distance relationship or not!

Sylvia Answered:

A relationship works from both sides. Husband and wife should both try from their ends, to make a relationship work. And if your relationship is a long distance one, things might get difficult. So, the effort put in should be double than a normal relationship.

Be honest with your partner.

Find time for your partner in your busy schedule.

Keep in touch with your partner during the course of the day.

Give your partner the much required space in your relationship.

Michelle_gels Answered:

Long distance relationships are tough. They work only for a while and most of them have their expiry dates. Weigh your pros and cons well and then take the plunge. You should know that it will be a lot of work; just my thought.

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