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My husband is having an affair and wants to sell our home. Is this right?

My husband is currently having an affair and has shown no remorse to me.
He is trying to list our home for sell and I feel that this is not the right time to consider selling our home.
I feel that him ending his affair and then he and I rebuilding our marriage should come first.
Am I correct or should I agree to sell our home? Also, he has told me no plans for our future after the sell of our home.
He just says "I want to be able to retire and the mortgage is too high.
Our home is only in my husband's name.

1 Answers

BruceKent Answered:

Hi abc123, Firstly, I would appreciate your willingness to reinstate your marriage. It takes a lot of courage knowing your spouse is in an extramarital affair. You must discuss your concerns with your husband, be clear and straightforward. Don't be too spontaneous as it may scare him and he might avoid interaction. Be patient and look for the right opportunity and start the conversation from scratch. You have mentioned he has not shown any remorse for being involved in an affair, that is not a good sign. You have to analyze your situation if your husband is interested in rebuilding your marriage or not. If you think he is avoiding the questions you are asking, then you have a decision to make. Be patient and go about it with care as it concerns your life. House has just some materialistic value but a relationship's value especially a marriage's is incomparable.

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