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sex with clean freak

My husband and I have been married for about 6 months now.
We never have spontaneous sex because he always wants to prepare beforehand.
We have separate sex sheets we use, and he always insists on showering after sex every time.
When we get intimate whether in or outside the bedroom, he'll stop and want to prepare (sex sheets, etc).
We never have sex outside the bedroom.
He never gives me oral sex and doesn't like to get bodily fluids anywhere.
We never fall asleep right after sex because he insists on taking a shower and cleaning everything up before.
We haven't been married that long yet so is this something that will change with time, or is there something more I can do?

1 Answers

BruceKent Answered:

Hi SN21_daisy, What you have described gives an impression that your husband is a bit of a hygiene freak. Considering your marriage is just six months old, you must address the issue with intricate care. I would suggest you talk it out with your husband, do not discuss what he should not be doing instead consider what you both should be doing. Indulge in a conversation and gradually direct it towards the matters of importance. It would be appropriate to prepare beforehand for such a discussion with suitable ambiance and romanticism in the air, perhaps something like a candlelight dinner. Once you notice your husband is genuinely indulged in the conversation discuss your concerns with him, and provide alternates to undesired scenarios, state your wish for passionate, spontaneous sex. You might even convince him to be creatively intimate, just have to ignite the passion in him. If he does not understand it through words, try making him realize what he is missing with a romance session solely piloted by you.

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