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​ I really want to live with my girlfriend abroad, but my work is stopping that from happening. Need some advice!!!

I’m in my mid 40’s and I work for a company that demands a heavy workload.
I’m currently living in California, but I sometimes have to travel abroad for work.
On some days my job keeps me on a really tight schedule and that might hinder me from some aspects for my life­ –including love life.
I came to realize that I’m growing old every day, so I checked out a few dating sites and came across one called A Foreign Affair.
I met my girlfriend who’s from the Philippines.
We’ve been together for about more than a year now and we’ve already started discussing living together.
She lives on her own and is financially independent.
I pointed out that living together would make things easier for the both of us financially and romantically.
The only problem I have is that my job won’t allow that anytime soon.
Me and my girl have already gone through several fights over my schedule.
We’re both ready to live together, but I need advice on whether if I should go to the Philippines or if she should come here.
I know that there are far better opportunities here in the United States, but it would be nice to settle down in the beautiful islands of the Philippines.
I’ve been debating with these questions for a few months and I really need advice on what I should do.
My girlfriend is fine with either coming here, or me going over there.
Any words of wisdom will gladly be appreciated and taken into account, I can assure you.
Thank you so much in advance!

1 Answers

Jhain Answered:

You have to put your salary on a scale . You don't want to loose a higher paying job to go down to another country. If you are earning higher than she is, Then maybe she has to come over. But if its the other way round, You could quit . All the best!!

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