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How do I please my wife that is unhappy that I travel for work?

So me and wife have been married for 5 years but together for almost 9 years.
 We have a 3 year old and 1-1/2 year old.
 I got a promotion making a good amount of money and unfortunately I travel a decent amount now.
 I may be gone for 1-2 days every other week but sometimes but not likely be gone for a whole week.
 Well my wife is now to the point where she is angry at me for traveling and has said I am a bad father because of this and she feels like a single mom.
 She does work 2 jobs but gets off at 6 Monday-Friday.
 I do feel for her which is why I do most of the cleaning and cooking when I am home.
 She once again went off on me when I said I will be gone for 2 nights next week for training and I'm out of town a day this week.
 She is not the bread winner by no means in the family and unfortunately I make 3 times what she does so when I am needed in other areas I have to go because it is my job.
 I do not know how to get her to realize this so we can have a happy marriage again.
 It's to the point where I am no where near happy and is effecting my job performance.
 What can I do?  I am very lost.

3 Answers

Digitality Answered:

This is life! I am infectious diseases specialist and I travel to poor countries in case there is an outburst of cases with infections. Countries from Africa, Indonesia, India always suffer from different epidemic infections, because of the lack of water and proper hygiene. I use to take my wife and kids with me if I go for some conferences in some developed countries, for instance Canada. Recently, we’ve been there due to a conference I had to attend and simply speaking Canada is a popular travel destination for many families. All in all, my advice is to calm your wife down and explain that traveling in our case represent the main source of earning money.

Jhain Answered:

The ball is in your court. If you wont quit, Then whenever you are around, make sure you spend enough time with her. Make sure you make it up to your children. Don't play with with signal warning from your family. Jobs will come and go but family will always be there for you All the best!

BruceKent Answered:

Hi, thepaintguy, Your wife seems frustrated with her routine life and not with you. It is just the case where somebody's internally frustrated with their regular life and sooner or later that frustration comes out in the form of a lashing. She lashes out at you because you have given her a reason, though she should understand that it's your job and you are not willingly leaving your family every other week. She is a mother, and it is hard for a man to understand the sacrifices a mother makes every day. Along with her job she has to take care of the kids and also look after the house considering you are away so much. To bring everything back on track in your marriage, I would advise taking a break from your routine life. Go on a family vacation to a relaxing place, where both of you can find your peace of mind and revive your marital bond.

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