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Looking to find Filipina girl to marry and trying mail order websites. Should I pursue?

I’m a retired military man looking to settle down and marry a nice filipina.
I’ve been divorced twice while I was active, and the reason why it never worked out is because I was away too much.
I have 5 children from previous marriages, but they’re adults now.
I’m close to most of them and I know there won’t be any issues if I decide to marry again.
I’m done with work and what I want now is to spend the rest of my retirement quietly with someone.
The reason why I want a filipina wife is because they’re known to be hospitable, respectful, and loving.
I personally know many filipinos and friends who’ve been married to their filipina wives.
I am envious that even after many years of marriage, no matter the marital problems, they remain strong and I honestly want that for myself.
They also seem to be so caring that my friends are treated like kings in their own home.
I don’t expect my future filipina wife to work.
I have my pension and decent savings so I think we’ll be okay.
I’m considering opening up a business, but we’ll have to see if anything goes to plan.
This seems to be the hurdle I’m trying to overcome.
I’ve been trying out several mail order websites and what stood out the most is the one by AFA.
I have read some reviews and there seems to be no shortage of filipina women I can get to know and contact there.
However, I really wanna know that if I marry a filipina, I also pay for her family? I probably should talk to the filipina wives of my friends but it seems to be rude.
Do you think it is a great idea to try online dating and ask her if she expects for me to pay for her family if we marry? Or is it too rude? Please advice.
Thanks in advance.

1 Answers

Throraj Answered:

I am married to a Filipina bride. A Filipina bride can be the wife you've always been looking for. She can be submissive and have your happiness as her main focus. She make me feel like a thousand bucks because she will do anything to assure my happiness and to avoid her deportation. She considers herself lucky to be out of her typically poverty-stricken country, and to maintain her new lifestyle she will do close to anything. Dominating men, who like to be in control of the relationship, may like this behavior. He can get his mail-order bride to do things that he cannot get a western wife to do.

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