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How to save my marriage?

Me and my husband got married 3 months ago, when we hit month 2 of marriage everything suddenly went down hill.
He was depressed and suicidal and went on medication for this.
He said his meds made him see clearly and it was our relationship that was making him depressed and he wants a divorce.
He moved out 2 weeks ago and has barely spoken to me since unless its regarding our children or the divorce, we have a 5 year old and a 1 year old.
He doesn't seem to care to speak to me and has told me on Friday he will be filing for divorce with his lawyer.
I thought our relationship was on good terms but he has told me he is unhappy and is not in love with me anymore.
I've tried begging and pleading for him to come back, which I know I shouldn't have and it obviously did not work.
I've tried asking for us to go to counseling or even talk face to face and he won't.
Is my marriage even salvageable? He's running so fast at divorce and I still have yet to even understand why.

3 Answers

FancyShape Answered:

Start a dialogue with your spouse about your marriage by asking three key questions. During a time when you and your spouse can relax and focus on a good conversation, ask: “Are you happy?” “What do you see as our most important goal or challenge as a couple if we’re going to improve our relationship?” and “What kind of spouse and parent do you most desire to be?” Then listen without criticizing, to encourage your spouse to think more deeply about these issues. image

Shahidaziz Answered:

For those who are approaching their marriage breakup but still want to save it one way or the other. Please go to this link No matter how serious your marriage breakup issue maybe but using logical tactics marriage can be saved.

Osherzie Answered:

I can feel your situation, i'm almost divorced from my wife, until i found this thing, if you want to safegurd your marriage here is a solution

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