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I'm losing my sanity!!!

Hello, I met my husband online through a chat app.
We became friends and started dating.
I planned to end the relationship when i found out he had other girlfriends but I got pregnant and we decided to make it.
My pregnancy wasn't the best as he put me through hell.
He calls me different names and act like i tied him down with pregnancy.
We got married a week after our daughter was born while I still believed he will change.
I found out he cheated on me again when our child was 2 weeks old and I regretted getting married to him.
He said a lot of nasty things and keeps talking about getting a DNA test.
He never trust me and makes me feel miserable.
I feel very depressed and sad always.
He watches porn and talk to different women online.
Our child is almost 2 but I can't find myself loving him even though I forgave him.
He tKes no responsibility on our child and wants sex whenever he feels like it (doesn't care if I'm tired or not), he does not help around the house and complains a lot.
I recently found out he is visiting porn and dating sites again.
I'm fed up and don't know what to do.
I spoke to his family but there was no change.
I suggested counselling but he refused and said we are okay.
I'm losing my sanity.
Please help!!!

2 Answers

Brathwhite Answered:

You should be patient to face any kind of bad situation. Even for me I always try to be calm down all the time even in bad situation.

Ted1234 Answered:

Hi This is no doubt a bad situation but try to remain calm, if nothing else then for your child at least. Sometimes waiting is not the solution. And especially in your case, you have just been waiting for him to change. But that doesn't happen. So think about a Plan B. You are not alone, you have a child to take care of too. For a final time, you could speak to your husband about your issues and see how he responds. If you think that there is any hope then give him time. Simultaneously, you could think about becoming independent and find out ways of living a decent life that you and your baby deserve. Also, in the current scenario, think about the potential causes of conflicts and if there is something you could do about them. If there is a possibility that things could be worked out between you two, it is going to be the best for your child at least. Consider going to therapy, that may also bring a new perspective in your relationship. Focus your energies on an all-encompassing reconciliatory process for your marriage. You never know what might just help you. Keep faith!

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