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How to get a divorce with limited income?

This has been a monkey on my back for many years.
I cannot seem to escape this woman.
I am constantly mentally abused, and I do my best to keep composed so as not to start a domestic situnation.
And thus not a great way to live.
With that said, I make too much for legal aid,, and not even REMOTELY close to afford one ($500+ filing fee alone is like a million $$ to me).
I don't have friends to borrow it off of, credit is horrid (not due to lack of bill paying - another issue), I don't have family.
I suppose I could pan handle :-) I mean seriously, it cost $100 to get married why so much to get rid of her.
??? Any pro bono recommendations? Barter (incredible handyman and ITT specialsit) Thanks

2 Answers

drcaldwel Answered:

Hi, Maybe you should consider such option as DIY divorce. Just filing for a divorce online, like this It's significantly cheaper.

Ted1234 Answered:

Well there is not much you can do about this. Wait a few months and save some money.

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