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Newly married and already unhappy

I need advice.
So my husband and I have only been married 7 months, and I'm already wanting to leave.
We got pregnant after being together 5 months, so we have been together about 2.
5yrs total.
He tells me what I should and shouldn't eat a lot.
I tell him I don't like him to bring it up and he says he'll stop and doesn't.
I'm not huge, a size 10, but when we met I was a size 6-8 and I think he wants me back there.
He had told me that a size 6 is ideal for me: I want to be back there too, but I also want to feel loved unconditionally.
His mom is 70 and works out 2 hrs a day, so I think he has this idea that we should all be like that, I have built a successful business and have 2 kids, she's just always been a lawyers wife.
He tells me I cant shop at Target, Starbucks, or anything liberal related.
I can't watch football because people are kneeling and the NFL isn't doing anything.
I'm only 30, super bored in this relationship and feel like I'm always walking on eggshells.
I don't want to hurt my daughters 5 and 1.
So I feel obligated but really don't want to.
On top of that, he isn't affectionate at all.
I'm a very sexual person, and he won't give oral because "it's never been his thing".
Totally not fun for me.

1 Answers

Alaneholbrook Answered:

Each state is different, however I believe you are new enough that you can end it. From what I am reading, he sounds superficial. He married you on looks. While his intentions seem to be real, however, in the long run it could backfire. How do your discussions go? What do your daughters think of him? That is a big thing as well for a guy. Does he have a "dad" role, or is he "moms boyfiend". These things affect guys as well. As far as "oral" if he is turned on, he will. But sounds like he has lost the drive, and therefore wont go to that level of intimacy. You will have to balance the feelings of yours, your daughters and his, As your decisions and what you do, will affect everyone involved. But from what I read, I feel it's going to fail. Only because you see him viewing you as an object and not a person. Be yourself.

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