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lost intimacy with husband we've been married for 21years. We love each other our communication is gone

lost intimacy with husband we've been married for 21years. We love each other our communication is gone

3 Answers

Howard-Michele Answered:

This occurs only when hes seeing soomeone else or hes frustrated or hiding alot from eachother. If you are asking this question, you probably suspect it and may have seen some signs. Having had this experience, i think it is a gut feeling ut you dont want to believe.Asking him usually means you still dont know as tthey may well say no they're not. You can ask if he/she is seeing someone else. If she says Yes, then you have aloot on your plate to deal with now. I think it is very common for them to say no, even when they are , so a NO answer isnt much of help sometimes. Think aout it , if someone is cheating on you behind your back, its because they dont want you to know, Either because they want to have their cake and eat it, or because they think of it as just a fling, or because they havent made their mind up whether to leave you or not. If you truly wish to be sure of your spouse sincerity, you can spy on him/her without needing to touch his/her device, its advisable sometimes to be sure of his/her true sincerity. i was able to have full access to my ex device with the help of a programmer. he was able to retrieve all past deleted files/chats , he cloned her device for me. it hurts deep to see the one you love hide alot from you, i feel great knowing the truth and way before i drowned. You can contact ""ihackcyber(@)(programmer)(.)(net) """for help incase you need assistance.Hes really good and was the one who helped me. His services really affordable and he also gave me a manual guide for everything i needed to do for a location tracking device.

BruceKent Answered:

It happens with time, and it happens even to the most intimate couples. Do not worry, it is not an unsolvable problem. Just remember the good old days, the first year of your marriage or the time when you guys started dating and try doing the things you did then. In simple words, try reconstructing the golden moments of your marriage, go on a vacation together, to a place which you guys have been to earlier in your married life and try doing the same things, just to remind yourself of all the passion that's missing.

Ted1234 Answered:

Hi The answer to your problem lies in your question itself. You already know that communication is your biggest problem, so work on it. Find out ways to express yourself routinely so that the connection is not lost. This is perhaps the time when you should focus on this problem and build a steady relationship for many more years to come.

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