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Does he still love me? Could he be cheating?

Hi, i have some well-neded needs help or discussion.
I need advice on many things.
My husband and I have been married for five years.
I feel like now it is a constant struggle to get along with one another when he is around.
I also feel like he lies/cheating on me.
One minute his behavior is happy and next he is grumping and distant from me.
He seems to hide his phone when I walk by, when he use to never be this way.
We both were open on things for a while.
I’m still open you could go through my phone if you wanted and I would be okay with that.
Because I am open and honest with myself and anything I do.
When we first married things were up and down.
He was previously married they divorced.
When we got married he and her do have kids.
So there is still communication for Kids but at first, that’s not how it was she would text him things like why you have to be married and he would hide what he would say back and he would start looking her up in and off on social media.
Well, finally that stopped that I know of since we had communicated/argued about it over and over again.
I still feel sometimes he tries to look her up or something, how do I get rid of that feeling? As well I just am confused on how to act around him since he is distant/grumpy one minute and next happy.
I don’t know what I am to do.
I feel like I am trying to put effort and work on our marriage but I don’t feel like he is.
We have two kids together, I feel he is only with me because of Kids now.
He is very distant in and off and I don’t know what I am to do.
I have communicated with him and we are seeking counseling but he barely talks in counseling.

1 Answers

BruceKent Answered:

Well, it seems like your husband has a lot of things on his mind. The problem though is that he does not share it even with you. Try talking to him, try and have a long fulfilling conversation with him on a silent night where nobody can disturb you guys. For a change, be a good listener during that conversation and observe his feelings and emotions when he expresses himself. This way you can figure out the issues of his life that trouble him the most and then you can help him with those issues.

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