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Husband sharing personal info with ex

My husband and I have somehow managed to make five years in our marriage and sharing personal information with his ex wife has been a frequent topic of numerous arguments.
He talks to her about our children(the kids he and I have together), his bankruptcy, ME, and his health just to name a few.
Is this normal and I'm over reacting (that's what I'm always told when there's something I'm not okay with), or is this really not okay in a marriage?

2 Answers

Involving a third-party in our Marriage Relationship is one the dangerous things that can ruin a happy Marriage. Your husband is involving a third-party in your Marriage with him and that's going to negatively affect the happiness of your marriage with him. How has your Relationship/friendship with him been for the past five years you have been married with him? Friendship is very crucial in Marriage because it builds confidence in the hearts of the couples and this would have also make him to believe in your opinion. Lovely make him to see reasons to share everything with you because you are capable of handling it emotionally. Read more at....

BruceKent Answered:

It will be blatantly wrong to just ask him to not share anything with his ex. Instead, you can try and convince him to share all of that with you, being his wife it should be you and not his ex-wife. Talk to him about the matter, try and have a conversation and not an argument. Spend quality time with him and simultaneously try to figure out the reason why he feels the need to share everything with his ex. Once you know the real reason, convince him to share all that stuff with you. This way he will be still sharing everything he wishes to share, just with the right person.

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