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First year of marriage the hardest?

Hi all, Me and my husband have been married now for 7 months.
And we fight alot, and when i say alot i mean there isnt a week that goes by that we dont fight.
This was never like this when we dated we never use to fight.
Like never ever use to figt.
Now we are running 2 companies and my mother-in-law (newly divorced) stays with us too in the house and we are busy with house reno.
It feels to me like we just fight about everything all the time.
And to him he sees it as normal couples fight, the lady who married us said that relationships have terrible 2 just like children.
And we will be dating together in March.
Maybe it is all the stress, my MIL or something not serious, But in my mind it feels like us fighting breaks parts of our relationship away.

1 Answers

Olibaba Answered:

Hi, its so sad to read that you often fight with your spouse. If I get you well did you meant fight or quarrel? If it is physical fight give some some space before it leads to dead. But if is is quarrel. You need to understand your spouse very well, study what causes your misunderstanding and look for a solution to curb it. Though no marriage is perfect, every marriage has her short comings and they all know how to tackle them. When there is frequent quarrel with the partners one or both may find a backup. Now to your question First year of marriage the hardest? No and yes depending on the partners. No in the sense that if the partners understood each other before marriage there wouldn't be challenges they cannot settle without an outsider but if they fail to understand each other possibly they will have difficulties. And yes, the hardest: first year usually hard for newly wedded couple because it is during this time they will be taking to understand each other as one not two. Remember they are from different homes and they have different upbringing, different thought and different ways of doing things. Get materials that will help you to understand your spouse, be careful who to take advice from, not all advice will work for you be careful which one to apply to your situation. Best of luck.

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