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Is the first year of marriage the hardest?

Hi all, Me and my husband have been married now for 7 months.
And we fight a lot, and when i say a lot i mean there isn't a week that goes by that we don't fight.
This was never like this when we dated we never use to fight.
Like never ever use to fight.
Now we are running 2 companies and my mother-in-law (newly divorced) stays with us too in the house and we are busy with house reno.
It feels to me like we just fight about everything all the time.
And to him, he sees it as normal couples fight, the lady who married us said that relationships have terrible 2 just like children.
And we will be dating together in March.
Maybe it is all the stress, my MIL, or something not serious, But in my mind, it feels like us fighting breaks parts of our relationship away.

1 Answers

BruceKent Answered:

The First year of marriage is usually not so bad for most couples, they tend to enjoy more than they fight in the first year. You are experiencing the opposite scenario, it might be circumstantial as you are getting your house renovated while managing your work simultaneously. Also, your mother-in-law lives with you guys, so I think all of these factors might have something to do with your frequent fights. The balance between professional and personal life is sometimes difficult to maintain, I would suggest a romantic vacation for you guys to patch things up. A break from your regular lives would definitely help to reinstate the parts of your relationship which you think you lose when you guys fight.

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