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Is it ok for my wife to spend the night at her best friends and drink?

I am 37 and my wife is 28, together for 10 years and married for 5 with 2 kids.
She has a best friend Jenny she has been friends with since she was a kid.
Jenny recently got a divorce and she’s dating a guy named Jacob.
One day my wife went down there with them all and was drinking.
This guy tried to kiss my wife, she rejected him.
She told me and it was no big deal cause we trust each other.
Well, they started texting as friends a few weeks later.
I didn’t care cause I trust my wife.
She showed me all the text and everything.
A week or so went on and he kept texting her like 2 or 3 times a day.
I told her to stop and she did.
She goes down there and I even went a few times to meet him.
No big deal, I trust my wife.
The issue is my wife has been telling me things like one time he was feeding a bottle of wine to his girlfriend Jenny then he did it to my wife.
Things like him pouring her drinks.
He works 2nd shift and every time my wife goes to her girlfriend's place he leaves work early.
She went last night and he was there and I’m pissed.
I called her and I said let me talk to him, and she said no, it will be drama.
I trust my wife but he’s doing some things I don’t like.
I told my wife can’t your friend come to our house and she says no, cause I’m not to fond of Jenny.
I told her I don’t want her going down there but she does anyway.
Am I wrong for me not wanting her to go down there? 

1 Answers

BruceKent Answered:

You trust your wife, but you don't trust the guy, that should be one of the most common scenarios men come across. If you do not want your wife to visit her friend, then find an appropriate way to convince her. After you have tried talking to your wife, I would suggest you try talking to her friend, explain to her the entire situation or some parts, whatever you might be comfortable with. Your wife's interested in spending time with her best friend, so try to figure out a way to just let them have their girl time where the 'guy' is not involved.

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