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i am separated from my husband because he says that i cheated on him .

I am separated from my husband because he says that i cheated on him.
but it's been 10 months since we got married and there are so many girls who keep calling him at night but when i questioned him he said that there was nothing between them.
and once his ex-girlfriend messaged me saying that he is not able to fall in love with me because he still loves her.
I'm separated now and it's been more than 40 days, i tried talking to him but of no use.
what should i do now

3 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Vina you are in a toxic relationship that's for sure. I don't know what he is gaining from not divorcing you but most probably he has selfish motive. You must get out of this. This situation will drag you down, hurt your feelings and your self esteem.

Vina_28 Answered:

but he is not ready for a divorce too... all he asked me to do was to settle well in my career... any guy if he knows hat he is being cheated will surely ask for a divorce or he will accept the apology and move on ... but in my case it is different

Ted1234 Answered:

Your husband is clearly looking for ways to break your marriage. He is probably interested in someone else, that is why he gets calls from girls at night and his ex messages you that he is in love with her. And you know his accusations are baseless, he also knows that his accusations are baseless, all he is trying to do is get rid of you. Marriages lose their charm with time but not in 10 months! He doesn't miss you or message you because he has someone in your place. This is the bitter truth. You must accept this and try to move on with your life. You deserve someone who loves you sincerly, and your marriage is clearly not going to give you that.

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