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spousal rape??

i have caught my husband a few times having sex with me while I'm asleep either from just pure exhaustion or maybe an extra glass of wine too many.
last night i woke up just as he had started and to say the least it pissed me off.
I've worked a 50 hour work week this week and still have 3 days left and 11 more days till my next day off.
i range maybe 4-5 hours of sleep a night and I've not been feeling well for days.
i specifically went to bed early so i could get a couple extra hours of sleep before having to get the kids up for school this morning, and when i woke up to find him on top of me i got pissed, one for waking me up and 2 for fucking trying to have sex with me without asking.
he threw some stupid excuse, well it doesn't stop you from asking me for a back massage every night, um, well, I ASK you.
i don't just plop down in from of you and grab your hands and start rubbing them all over my back by myself.
i feel violated and pissed about the whole thing.
and the fact that i KNOW he's done this before from waking up just as he's finishing or him telling me the next morning as I'm trying to figure out why my shorts are on the floor next to bed.
I guess my question is.
Is this rape?

2 Answers

Your spouse is feeling you don't have time for him and instead of him to cheat on you he decided to have sex with you while you were sleeping simply because you will give him reasons why you would not have sex with him if you are not asleep. For instance, you had a hectic day at work and still don't have time even while at home. It will interest you to know that the happiness of your Marriage is in your hand right now. Sex is one of the life wire in Marriage and Relationships, if you play with sex in your Marriage Relationship it will negatively affect the union or even cause a break up or divorce. You need to have time for your husband, give him sex, we all need attention from our spouses, give him attention and he will Stop having sex with you while you are asleep. If you involve any of the law enforcement agencies, he will be prosecuted for rape because he did it without your consent but believe me he will start cheating on you since you doesn't want have sex with him due to nature of your job. Will you blame him for cheating?

Ted1234 Answered:

Well yes, sex without consent is rape. The thing that is happening to you is a form of marital rape. Please speak to your husband about this and inform him firmly that you do not approve of him having sex with you when you are asleep. This is a form of sexual violation and is a punishable offence. This is rude and can have serious consequences on your marriage, but your body and your rights are important. You must speak up and get a solution for this.

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